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Mr Natty Sky Rocket Comb

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Mr Natty
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Hair Comb

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This Mr Natty comb is handcrafted in Switzerland. Swiss craftsmen use a 12-step process which begins after they’ve extracted the cellulose from poplar wood (or cotton) and made it into a sheet of natural modified polymer. This process then takes the polymer from a slice of cellulose to the beautiful tortoiseshell coloured comb you see here. The 12-steps include shaping, polishing, bevelling the teeth, rounding, brushing and polishing them again so the comb slides neatly through your hair. The comb is shined and polished again (they love a polish) before printing the MR NATTY logo on to remind you who’s taking care of your barnet.

Features: It’s a comb. A really nice one, but still a comb. Run it through your hair to make your parting tight and your locks slick. Resist the temptation to wink at yourself in the mirror – that’s excessive (and if someone catches you, you’ll forever be known as a right winker). If you want some variations on a theme get yourself a sharp pair of scissors for your kit and, by sliding the comb through your beard, lift the straggly hairs away from your face forest and trim the ones that protrude through the teeth. The same technique can be used to trim unruly eyebrows. We believe ‘kestrel’s nests’ is the technical term. But, we might have made that up. By the way, sky rocket means pocket.

Instructions for Use: Comb like you always do!

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