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Medicube AGE-R Booster Pro

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6-IN-1 High-Tech Device

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Medicube’s first total care device that contains 6 key functions to achieve your skin goals. This device combines the latest skincare technology- Electroporation, Microcurrent, EMS, Electric needles, LED and Sonic vibration, suitable to use for all skin types. AGE-R Booster Pro is a high-tech beauty device that provides you professional-level skincare in the comfort of your own home. Benefits include improved skincare product absorption, enhanced radiance, elasticity care, facial contouring and pore care With four easy-to-use modes, the device offers simplicity and effectiveness. That's not all, you can experience a luxurious spa skincare through our AGE-R application

Why It Is Special: 

  • 6-IN-1 High-Tech Device: Achieve your skin goals with innovative technology.
  • Don't need a conductive gel: Just use it with your skincare products! Bootser Pro will be the game changer in your skincare routine that makes your skin healthy and glowy
  • Skin-contact sensor for personalized and safe: Equipped with a skin contact sensor that emits LED light only when it touches the skin.
  • Customized care for me with the AGE-R app: Use your device more effectively with the AGE-R app

4 Modes: 

  • 5 types of intensive LED: Five LED colors indicate different targeted care for various skin goals
    • Blue: Pore Care & Sebum Control  / 466nm 
    • Orange: Brightening / 607nm
    • Green: Volumizing / 521nm
    • Red: Elasticity / 622nm   
    • Purple: Boosts skincare / 410nm

*LED colors for each mode are preset, and LED color changes can only be made through the AGE-R App.

  • Booster mode: Electroporation - Booster mode helps absorb active ingredients and delivers them while boosting radiance. Utilizes electroporation more stable utilization of electroporation, creating temporary fine holes for the maximized absorption of active ingredients.
  • MC Mode: Microcurrent - MC mode helps to volumize facial lines
    Microcurrent targets the areas around the eyes, smile lines, and mouth
  • Derma Shot Mode: EMS - Derma Shot mode stimulates sagging skin and care for muscles to create a firmer facial contour Facial contour care by applying mid-frequency EMS optimized for facial muscles to stimulate muscles that have lost elasticity.
  • Air Shot Mode: Electric needles - Air shot mode helps improve pore elasticity by creating non-damaging passageways on the skin layer with electric needles. Electric needle technology forms micro holes and improves pore elasticity.
  • Customized Vibration Care: Different vibration patterns for each mode provide a more professional and effective care.
  • Radiance boosting vibration : Vibrations are designed to help the skincare product absorb deeply.
  • Line smoothing vibration : Vibrations are synchronized with the lifting motion.
  • Facial contour vibration : Vibrations are suitable for muscle care.
  • Pore elasticity vibration : Vibrations are intended for comprehensive pore care.

Age-R App: Use your device more effectively with the AGE-R app

  • Custom Guide Video: Customized guide video that you can follow safely at home
  • My Calendar: Professionally designed calendar that enhances the effectiveness of AGE-R devices
  • Skin Tracker: Easy skin tracker that visualizes your skin progress
  • Easy AGE-R Control: Smart care records automatic reports from directly controlled modes, steps, volume, vibration, and LED color

How To Use: 

  • Turn on device by holding the button for more than 2 seconds.
  • Shortly after press the mode button to switch modes
  • Change the level by briefly pressing the power button
  • Use 1-3 times a day: Booster Mode, MC Mode, Derma Mode
  • Use 2-3 times a week: Air Shot Mode

How To Use Different Modes:

  • Air Shot Mode:
    • Brush against dry skin 2-3 times a week. (5 mintues / use)
    • Use it on dry skin by sweeping the device head from inside to the outside.
  • Booster Mode: 
    • Absorb skincare using Booster Mode 1-3 times a day(use 5-10 minutes per use)
    • Use it after applying the skincare, and set it to level 1 when using for the first time. 
    • Roll it on the skin in a circular motion from the inside to the outside. 

*When used with high performance serum, Booster mode can enance the effects.

  • MC Mode: 
    • Use 1-3 times a day, in an upward motion by adhering the head to the skin(5-10 minutes per use)
    • Use it after applying the skincare by pulling upward from the inside to the outside.

*When used with cream, MC Mode enhances skin volume

  • Derma Shot:
    • Use 1-3 times daily, pausing for 1-2 seconds on the desired area.(5-10 minutes per use)
    • Slowly draw a circle or massage outward to relax your muscles. 

*When used with cream, Derma Shot Mode boosts your skin elasticity.  


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