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Pure Blue Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge - Silver

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Pure Blue
Pure Blue
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Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge 0.163 kg

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"Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge ensures your shower water remains pure and 98% Chlorine free. This cartridge lasts for 6 months, based on 2 showers per day. Replacing the filter is quick, easy and requires no special tools. Benefits
  • 98% Reduction in exposure to chlorine and other harmful chemicals.
  • Softer, healthier hair by preserving it’s natural moisturising oils
  • Reduced risk of asthma and bronchitis caused by chlorine inhalation.
  • Combats Alopecia.
  • Higher energy levels due to the absence of energy sapping Chlorine.
  • Material: American patented technology -KDF 55 ( Kinetic Degration Fluxion 55 media) and calcium sulphate
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