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O3+ Pedilogix Hand Footceuticals Buble Gum Kit

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Pedilogix Hand Footceuticals Gum

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A simplified combination of manicure and pedicure essentials, O3+ Pedilogix Bubblegum Manicure Pedicure Kit is all set to pamper and beautify your hands and feet by softening rough, dry skin. This 6-step regimen kit will cleanse, moisturize and smoothen the skin on your hands and feet and takes good care of your nails too. Single use product.

This kit includes

  • O3+ Pedilogix Crystal Wash (15g): The crystal salt helps in discharging negative ions further de-stressing the body. This also reduces the swelling of feet and hands.
  • O3+ Pedilogix Pedi Wash (8g): A revolutionary wash with a combination of BHA and elderflower extract has 2 in 1 action of cleansing and softening. This scientifically designed cleanser is enriched with numerous softening and clarifying ingredients that effectively cleanse your skin and improve blood circulation. It also imparts a cool feeling, which relieves stress and fatigue.
  • O3+ Pedilogix Micro Peel (8g): A combination of urea and macadamia peels away flaky skin. This peel makes your feet super soft and supple.
  • O3+ Pedilogix Massage Cream (8g): A strong blend of aloe vera extract and lactate softens the skin with a satin feel. This scientifically designed cream helps to repair and soften rough, hard and cracked heels.
  • O3+ Pedilogix Pedi Mask (8g): This uniquely designed foot mask is enriched with anti-tan and skin rejuvenating agents that effectively hydrate and repair damaged foot skin. The goodness of lactate with olive oil has lightening and smoothing properties that help to remove pigmentation marks and signs of ageing.
  • O3+ Pedilogix Bubble Gum Gel Powder (10g): A unique crystal powder that forms a gelatinous texture soak to pamper and relax tired feet when mixed with water. Simply soak in this texture for 5-6 minutes. Dispose of the crystal soak after use.

How To Use:

  • O3+ Pedilogix Crystal Wash: Begin with relaxing your hands and feet in the crystal wash.
  • O3+ Pedilogix Pedi Wash: Mix it with water to soak and wash hands and feet.
  • O3+ Pedilogix Micro Peel: Followed by micro peel, gently scrub hands and feet for removal of dead skin.
  • O3+ Pedilogix Massage Cream: Apply the cream and massage for 10 minutes onto the skin.
  • O3+ Pedilogix Pedi Mask: Apply this mask on both hands and feet for soft, supple skin.
  • O3+ Pedilogix Bubble Gum Gel Powder: Soak your hands and feet in this gel-like texture to pamper and relax the skin.
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