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  • Mother's Day Beauty -'s organic ranges

    Latest organic, vegan and cruelty-free makeup options from

    1. Dr. Brandt Skincare MAGNETIGHT Age-Defier™ is an antiaging, iron-infused mask and magnet removal tool that work together to refine, purify, and brighten the look of skin. The MAGNETIGHT Age-Defier™ is a powerful mask that combats signs of aging and dramatically transforms the look of skin. Harnessing the power of attraction, the magnetic properties of the iron-based formula visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles and lift away impurities as they calm and illuminte dull, stressed skin. The face appears magnetically youthful, bright, and energized.
    Price: AED 399 for 90g

    2. The Farsali Rose Gold elixir is a day time moisturising, organic, nut-free and non-comedogenic oil made with acne-clearing rosehip and pumpkin seed oil, revitalising vitamin E, lemongrass and orange peel oil and beautifying and anti-aging pure 24K gold flakes. Its properties make it an anti-aging product that can be used to hydrate the face and lips and can be added to foundations for flawless, non-cakey texture. The oil can be added to dried products to refresh and add moisture safely.
    Price: AED 225 for 30 ml

    3. PediSpa Detox System Black Charcoal Intro Kit a simple 4-step kitted system to detox and rejuvenate your feet. Contains 4 oz of the Soak, Scrub, Mask, and Creme - the perfect introduction to the Pedi Spa Detox Collection. Black charcoal is a highly effective detoxifying ingredient. It works by behaving like a magnet, attracting and absorbing thousands of times its own weight in dirt, oil and impurities. Each particles has an incredibly porous surface area, allowing it to bind with many toxins and impurities.

    How to Use

    STEP 1 Soak: Pour approximately 14g / 0.5 oz of Soak per gallon of water. Allow feet to soak for 5-10 minutes before beginning foot care service.
    Step 2 Scrub: Stir contents before use. Apply 14 mL / 0.5 fl oz of Scrub to towel dried skin, smooth over foot and lower leg and gently massage into skin. For a softer exfoliation slightly dampen the skin or add water. Rinse in foot bath with soap and water.
    Step 3 Mask: Apply a thin coat (7 mL / 0.25 fl oz) of Mask to dry foot and ankle and wrap with a towel or plastic bag. After 5-10 minutes, immerse foot into bath and use a towel or scrub brush to remove mask.
    Step 4 Massage: Apply Crme generously (7mL / 0.25 fl oz) to feet and legs. Use your favorite massage technique. After massage is complete, remove any excess product with a warm damp towel.
    Price: AED 250

    4. Rediscover a beautiful, radiant complexion with La Valle Caviar Essence Day Cream. Formulated with nourishing Caviar extract and a luxurious combination of vitamins and complexes, this essential moisturizer increases your skin's firmness and elasticity. Skin regains its natural glow and suppleness. Recommended for Normal to dry maturing skin, the cream includes caviar essence golden spheres, with botanical complex of white lupin and alfalfa, red algae for anti-aging, water, nectapure for supple rejuvenation, and essential oils of lavender and lemon for color correction and tightening of the skin.
    Price: AED 989 for 50 ml

    5. Urban Veda Reviving Body Scrub supports healthy cell turnover with natural milled seed particles. Protect, pamper and preserve skin's natural moisture balance with moisturising Omega-rich bio-oils, enriched with gentle complexion-enhancing organic extracts and flower waters. Naturally formulated to Ayurvedic principles to embrace the therapeutic properties of plants, UrbanVeda Rose +8 botanics restorative flower water, essential fatty acid and antioxidant complex help support skin regeneration for all skin types.Support healthy cell turnover with naturally exfoliating volcanic Pumice and milled Peach seed powder. Protect, pamper and preserve skin's natural moisture balance with moisturising Rosehip, Arjuna and Evening Primrose, enriched with gentle complexion-enhancing Borage, Jasmine, organic Pomegranate juice and Rose Damask flower water.
    Price: AED 85

    6. StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Drier is a totally unique way to hygienically clean and dry makeup brushes in seconds.Uses centrifugal spin technology so that brushes are literally ready to re-use in seconds. No more messy basins or waiting hours for brushes to dry. Regular cleaning of makeup brushes is critical to avoid the build-up of bacteria, which can cause spots, skin abscesses, infections and cold sores. The beauty of the StylPro is that it's really simple to use. You just attach any makeup brush using one of eight collars, before dunking it for 10 seconds, spinning for another 10 seconds and then drying for five to 10 seconds. That's your makeup brush completely clean and dry in less time than it takes to choose a shade of lipstick!
    Price: AED 399

  • Review of the China Glaze Ghoulish Glow nail polish

    Being a director of a site retailing makeup and cosmetics comes with advantages and perks of enjoying new collection FREE. During a showcase meeting with China Glaze team I got to try some of their new collection, what really caught my attention was the history behind China Glaze and Ghoulish Glow.

    I was just never convinced with the brand name “CHINA” glaze but at the meeting the team explained it’s a 13year old American Brand containing China Clay as a nail hardener, the same material that gives porcelain its shiny finish. Since the Health Authorities don’t allow Clay in the name they named it China Glaze and has nothing to do with China. The brand caught my eye particularly for its staying power, its wide range of on-trend colors and its beautifully designed packaging.

    Enough said about the brand, lets talk about this glow in the dark polish. I know Halloween is few months away but this polish got all the attention it should get at home and office. I usually try these polishes for my niece who loves makeup and polishes and she is only 9. Tried it, went home, showed it to her and wow it did exactly what it says slightly scary but super fine.

    How to use it – I just applied 2 coats of the polish let it dry, held a flashlight over my nail for 30 seconds and voila it glowed for a while. Like all glow in the dark it needs to be charged with a little light. I think IMG_3603the glow is just fine. If it glowed constantly, it would be boring. Every now and then, when I walk into a darker area, they glow a little. Of course the curious person that I am wore it to a club and wow it glowed all evening and got a lot of compliments. It was so much fun when I actually convinced one of the guys in the office to try it and we all went into the dark stairways to see it glow.

    I did read reviews where people have complained about it being steeply priced and very milky in color. I used it on a black polish and it gave a nice muddy effect to the nails. I would buy it for 36AED and share it with friends since it wont be of much use to me alone.

    Next on list to try is the Gelaze collection.. Stay tuned to read more on it.

    So to get your nails on this and more amazing products from China Glaze, visit our website at

    Keep glowing ladies!


  • Neutral Palettes how many one needs???

    As you all know I am kind of a makeup hoarder and what pops up is the number of neutral palettes I have, urban decay naked palette, urban decay naked 2 palette, urban decay basics, the balm nude tude palette, coastal scents revealed palette, Smashbox full Exposure Palette and very recently the Lorac Unzipped Palette. Below is my opinion of what suits me best and incase they all got stolen which one I would rebuy.

    I have read a lot of blogs where they have mentioned Coastal Scents Revealed palette is a dupe to the naked palettes, which I would somewhat agree to but not in quality ofcourse. 17 out of the 20 eyeshadows can make up the 2 palettes, so if you are not looking to splurge on 2 palettes you can get away with a much cheaper option. The eyeshadows are pigmented but for me sometimes blending is an issue and they look like blobs on eyelids. The plus side is they don’t contain glitter like the naked palettes which helps me purely since I have very oily eyelids.revealed1

    The Balm nude tude palette was sent to me as a sample from the balm cosmetics team, I fell in love as soon I opened it. It sits in my office and I usually use it to touch up makeup for my evening outings straight after work. This palette is similar in size to Urban Decay’s Naked Eyeshadow Palette, and the theme of nudes/neutrals is similar, but there isn’t much overlap in the shades themselves. Overall, the quality is high and consistent with theBalm’s eyeshadow formula, however the shade silly was super glittery and I had issues of fall out.balmnudetude

    Urban Decay Naked Basics is my travel buddy, I love the smaller/thinner size, and it has mostly matte shades with one beautiful highlight shade (Venus). The rest of the colors are the basic ones that every one needs. The colors are saturated but buildable. This is my second purchase as it is used by my sister as well. The Swatches is below.
    naked basic swatch

    Smashbox Full Exposure palette, I have a personal incline to this brand as I started experimenting makeup with it a decade back. I loved their cream eyeliner, brow highlighter fullexposurewhich I used as basic shadow on daily basis. So it was only obvious for me to buy their signature palette as soon as it was released. This 14-color beauty will meet all your neutral needs; what I like about it is that half of the colors are matte and half are shimmer. I am not a fan of the shimmer but these are chunky shimmer and perfect for a clubbing night. One needs to apply with caution and watch for floaters. I wouldn't repurchase this palette only because I find myself reaching for the matte shades mainly.

    Lorac Unzipped my latest addition, I picked up one of the damaged units that arrived, 2 of the shades were broken but that wouldn’t stop me from using this beautiful palette. Lorac specializes in amazing shadow palettes, and this one is no exception. You get a collection of 10 stunning shadows with shimmers, satins & mattes to please everyone (and a mini Behind the Scenes Eye Primer). This palette is perfect for a simpler Neutral Eye and perfect to create a beautiful wedding look. I have seen some youtube tutorials and was tempted to get it. The pigmentation of these shadows is wonderful. The shades inside are rosey/warm bronzey tones that just work together beautifully.

    Finally, which I would rebuy - Naked Basics and Lorac Unzipped. These would solve my neutral warm look requirement.

    My opinion is, if the eyes are the window to the soul, why not make that window as pretty as possible?


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