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  1. Sand and Sky Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment

    Triple-action exfoliating+ flash-mask
  2. Sand and Sky Pink Clay Smoothing Body Sand

    A 4-in-1 formula for instant golden hour glow, this botanical-based body scrub means business. Deeply detox, smooth, moisturise and illuminate with super Smoothing Body Sand.
  3. Sand and Sky Dreamy Glow Drops

    Defeat dryness, dull skin & daily pollutants. Multi-targeted Hyaluronic Acid complex, Australian Emu Apple and Glow Berries™ instantly transform your skin from within.
  4. Sand and Sky Super Bounce Mask

    This face mask deeply hydrates, brightens and protects the skin for a megawatt glow in minutes!
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5 Item(s)