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Sachajuan Dark Volume Powder 200ml

Sachajuan Dark Volume Powder 200ml


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Sachajuan Dark Volume Powder 200ml

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Quick Overview

  • Powder-based, dry-shampoo spray with dark pigments creates volume and structure between cleanings with ocean silk technology for health and shine

  • Gives a matt finish and a fresh feel between shampoos without stripping away moisture

  • Especially created for dark hair; suitable for both long and short hair; only for use on dry hair

  • Created with exclusive algae-based extracts that offer valuable proteins and minerals to build strength

  • Manufactured in Sweden exclusively for Sachajuan; created by Sachajuan founders Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosalind


Achieve volume and structure for your hair between cleanings with sachajuan's dark volume powder dry shampoo. A perfect hair management system to use between showers, dark volume powder is formulated with dark pigments especially for dark brown and black locks. This formula breathes life back into styles that have deflated due to weather, travel, or a quick trip to the gym-restoring healthy shine, bounce and volume - the hallmarks of sachajuan professional haircare. Dark volume powder is formulated with exclusive ocean silk technology - a combination of algae's and other tailor-made ingredients that offer a healing effect for protection and flexible style that won't weigh the hair down. Dark volume powder can be applied to dry hair and short or long styles. Sachajuan's creators, Sakha mimic and Juan Rosalind developed ocean silk technology to create recipes that give the hair maximum shine, volume, stability, and nourishment without making the hair heavy - regardless of hair type. This combined with sachajuan's handy yet elegantly designed packaging creates a brand signified by functional simplicity and renowned throughout the world. All sachajuan products are manufactured in Sweden exclusively for sachajuan and are created Sakha mimic and Juan Rosalind. Sacha and Juan opened salon sachajuan in Stockholm, in 1997 and soon became one of Sweden's hottest hairdressing spots. Sachajuan introduced its own exclusive brand of haircare products to the Swedish market in in 2003 with immediate acclaim that took their range of Swedish haircare worldwide.

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